• Mobile Applications

    We made remarkable deliverable in creating mobile applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), Android and Windows Platforms. We delivered a solid quality product and it has been proved by the feedback given from end users. Amaze FX released mobile applications in Media Streaming, Story Telling, Service Industry like Car rental service and etc.,

  • Web Design & Development

    Amaze FX has done many web site design and development for major clients in India and abroad. The industry standard process will help clients to get their expectations and we will follow the design process to meet the customer expectations. The processes help us to derive the solutions quickly and it will make our clients to smile.

  • Commertial Advertisement

    Amaze FX Studio experts contributed their talents in making commercial advertisements. We made sunning visual effects and our advertisements are broadcasted in all leading regional satellite channels in India. Our Visual FX team is now stepping into film industry to set a big milestone.

  • Print Media

    AmazeFX has created the brand identity and logo for various leading companies both in the international market and in India. Our Creative Print design Services in India with an experienced team of working in different industry verticals will enhance the Digital Branding further both for your company and for your products / services.

  • Illustration

    The creativity cannot be possible without pencil work. Amaze FX has very good artist team to put our creativity in the paper before execution. This illustration help our clients to bring their concept and their imaginary object into reality by executing them in the system. This is also called as Pre-Production work which is going to be completely in Pencil and illustration software.

  • 3D Modeling & Stall Design

    Nothing is impossible in the design world. Amaze FX created many objects in 3D visual design, Stall Design , recreated the products in 3D and we have used them in our commercial advertisements. We will challenge that you can observe 99.99% of reality between your original product and 3D modeled product.

  • Photography

    We are a small, personable & creative photography team, working in India. We have found our connection with people the most enlightening, challenging, exhilarating and gratifying of all subjects, which is why we have made wedding and portrait photography our passion.

  • Architect Walkthrough

    We have also created 3D walkthroughs of architectural design for customers to project how the finished building going to be. Our team has done excellent effort and contribution to bring the 3D walkthrough more reality in many projects.

  • Corporate Identity

    We will provide complete design solutions for our customers from creating the logo, letter head, Envelop, Identity cards and web site design. This will create unique brand to each and every customers.